Your next step in Solar – Make the power company pay you!

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Do you have solar but the power bills just keep coming? 

With new advances in solar technology thousands of home owners like you are now receiving credits on their bill. You will be surprised how easy it is to get on top of your power company once you know how. 

I’m Vincent Selleck and I have spent the last decade designing and installing thousands of solar systems in NE NSW. I love helping people get more free solar electricity and enjoy the financial freedom it brings.

In this article I am going to share with you the proven methods that work to get ahead of electricity costs by transforming your solar power system and the way you buy electricity.

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New Technology

Solar has never been cheaper or more powerful than it is now. When I started in the solar industry 10 years ago, most solar panels only generated 180 Watts. New panels today generate 370 W at a small fraction of the cost. The efficiency has gone up so much they just about run-on moonlight!

With new inverter technology, every panel acts independently, unaffected by shade or lower performance from the panels around it. Advances in on-line monitoring allow the solar system to be controlled remotely, with automated alerts and easy display of power use patterns. These advances make it easier than ever to adjust your electricity use to match performance and see exactly what you are saving.

Get the best deal on electricity

Let’s face it, power companies are out to get you! Their bills are so complicated and they change their rates all the time and that makes it difficult to understand why you are paying so much for power. That’s why I developed a special calculator that can find the best deal on the market for you, without the painful experience of getting your head around how to compare apples with oranges. It’s easy to switch and the rewards can add up to hundreds of dollars a year in savings.

Change how you use power

The new monitoring platforms included with inverters today, makes it easy to see where you can improve on your power consumption. When you run more things while to solar is pumping, it can make a huge difference to power costs. You will be surprised to learn how much power your air conditioning and other appliances uses. Some inverters have remote control switches to run appliances remotely to make the most of the solar power, even when you are not home.

More Solar is better

With solar these days getting more affordable and powerful, it pays to get more panels on your roof than you think you need. Solar panels often produce less than their rated power capacity, so getting more panels helps when sun light is low on cloudy days and in the mornings and evenings when you use the most power. Even if they have to be limited by network restrictions during the middle of a sunny day, having the extra power when you most need makes good financial sense.

Rebates pay for the panels

The Federal Government still pays a huge rebate which discounts the cost of the average home solar system by over $3,150. This goes down every year and could get scrapped at any time. So why not look at how you can get all the panels you will ever need now? With great choices available now to add solar batteries and Electric Vehicles you will need all the solar you can get.

What about my old panels?

I am a fan of keeping old things going as long as we can. Unless you really need the room, or the old solar is dead, your existing panels can keep chugging along and work perfectly along side of your new solar system.

Free consultation - Act now!

For limited time we are offering you a free consultation to create a comprehensive plan to get your power bill down to zero. We will include a complete system design, advice on changes to your power use and a free comparison of electricity offers, so you save more now.

There is no reason that anyone should be paying too much for power. With our help, you can join the hundreds of our happy customers who are getting paid by their electricity company.

Call me on 02 6688 4480 or email me at to get your free consultation underway today.

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Vincent Selleck

Vincent Selleck

Vincent is the managing director at 888 Solar Tek. He brings a wealth of hands on experience and knowledge to help people understand solar power and make the best choices when looking at buying or upgrading solar systems. His honest advice considers the needs of others first and foremost and de-fuses the traps and pitfalls that are waiting for the inexperienced. Vincent is happy to answer questions anytime by phone on 02 6688 4480.