Have Your Electricity Bills Been Getting Out Of Control?

I’m Vincent Selleck, CEO of 888 Solar Tek.

In this short article I will share my inside knowledge to help you manage massive electricity price rises with solar and batteries.

Vincent Selleck - Managing Director 888 Solar Tek
Here are the main things I will cover:
Thanks for your time and attention. Without beating around the bush:

Greedflation is rife in the electricity industry

rising electricity pricesThree large coal and gas corporations manipulate pricing in the electricity industry, and one of them, Energy Australia, is owned by the Chinese. Together they increased the wholesale cost of electricity sold into the grid by 122% in one year.

The Australian Energy Regulator has just caved in and allowed them to increase prices again by over 20% in July.

Meanwhile, prices paid for the electricity you sell back to the grid have plummeted from 21¢ to 5¢ a kWh. Shopping around for a different retailer can help a little but they all buy electrons for the same price anyway.

Are you tired of being ripped off?

Having the return on your solar investment scratched out by corporate exploitation of the energy market? Disillusioned by a toothless Government receiving millions of dollars in election funding from the coal and gas industry?


I am hearing the same story from lots of good people like you who are trying to help themselves and the planet with solar, so I have sharpened my pencil to help you do the one thing that takes you out of their greedy hands.

Take back your power by storing your solar with this top value inverter and lithium battery upgrade

Don’t sell your excess solar for peanuts. Store it so you don’t have to buy their expensive electricity at all.


Yes, it will be painful! But money will flow back into your pocket, and they can no longer attack you with their greedy price manipulation. Just like the good old days. The average payback period for solar batteries is now only 5-7 years. 


You will also be protected from the predicted blackouts as the three big electricity generators starve investment needed to upgrade power stations.  

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Vincent Selleck - Managing Director 888 Solar Tek

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