Off Grid Solar
Northern Rivers

Going off grid?

Weather you have no choice or you’re just ready to ditch the electricity network, going off grid is one of the best thing you can do to create a sustainable home.

Off grid systems require a specialist skill set with advanced knowledge, accreditation and experience to designed and installed right.

We have been installing hybrid and off grid solar system for over four years, during this time we’ve developed a refined design and installation technique that not only brings the cost of the system down but ensure your off grid system will self perpetuate its self for 15 years to come.

Off Grid — Solar in Northern Rivers Bay, NSW

How Does It All Work?

There is a lot more to an off grid system than just panels and batteries. Learn more with Vincent in this short video.


100% Self Powered

It's just you and the world. Use whatever power you generate and feel the freedom of never being charged for it.

No More Electricity Bills

No need for mains power, no electricity meter, no more supply charge and certainly no more electricity bills...ever!.

Power Where The Grid Won't Reach

How would you like to pay $40,000 to Essential Energy to install a power line on your property that they then rent back to you every moth or Go off grid for $25,000 never pay another bill? The grid can't reach everywhere but Off Grid can.

Ethically Right For The Planet

Taking the leap into the off grid power world feels great! You are single handedly reducing the amount of pollution, mining and profiteering by voting with your feet.



“Going off grid was one of the best decisions we made. The system 888 solar tek designed and install has enables us to run a modern home in the bush without the fears of running out of power”

Ready to stick it to them?

Go Off Grid.