Commercial Solar
Northern Rivers

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Electricity can be one of the largest expenses a company faces in maintaining general operation. Taking your company into the green is easy with a commercial solar solution. Make the smart choice and join the hundreds of businesses taking it to the next level by improving profits, gaining publicity and giving back to the community they serve. Solar is the future, make an impact by generating your energy the clean way. 

Commercial Solar — Solar in Northern Rivers Bay, NSW

Commercial Benefits

Competitive Edge

Get an edge in the market. Exceed your competitors limits by generating your own power and going where they cant.

Increased Profits

Lets face it, there are only so many cuts you can make before quality is effected. Get up to a 35%* return on your investment with a new commercial solar system while gaining extra depreciation at tax time. Let the numbers guide your business to success.

Promotional Opportunity

A Commercial solar is a statement to the world that you're a company that cares. What better way to gain your customers confidence, trust and support than advertising a universal symbol of advancement on your roof.

Community Approval

Want to gain your communities approval and interest? Research has shown that customers are more likely to shop with a company that makes a difference in world than one that doesn't. Gain your communities approval by generating your power the clean way and do whats right for your community.

Government Rebates

Want a free hand out? The government will pay a sizeable rebate to install solar on your premises. Not only are you increasing your bottom line your using government leverage to scale up your production and return on investment.

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