Nissan Leaf – Solar Powered EV

The Nissan Leaf is now the most affordable EV on the market. Vincent Selleck test drives the 2016 model with great insights on how you can make it pay for itself using free solar energy.

It is now possible to have zero net emissions from electricity and vehicle use, with tremendous savings for your household. Your Solar and EV partner, 888 Solar Tek, offers complete vehicle and solar solutions, with low km, near new Nissan Leafs at half the new price. Take a test drive and you will be amazed by the quiet, zippy feel and well-appointed features of these remarkable cars.

Join the Leaf EV Revolution

Introduced in 2010 as the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF has led the way in making the excitement and convenience of electric driving accessible to non-luxury buyers. Ten years later, the increased range and improvements to the cars has led a landslide movement throughout the world for the replacement of petrol and diesel-powered cars in the next decade.

In Norway in 2017, 52% of all new car sales were electric vehicles. Australia is hampered by lack of political support for EV’s with fossil fuel companies donating $1,897,379 to the ALP, Liberal and National parties in 2017-18. Since then we have seen massive new subsidies going into the fossil fuel industries and away from cleaner solar and wind technology, despite a global imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The IMF says fossil fuel subsidies in Australia amount to nearly $1,200 per person, or a total of $29 billion last year.

Range and Charging Options

Most people have an opinion that Electric cars do not have enough battery range and they will run out of power and get stranded. While this may have been true years ago, today’s EV’s have larger batteries and more and more fast charging stations are popping up at destinations throughout the country. Not many people who drive petrol fuelled cars have oil wells in their back yards, but any EV owner can have a free solar power station on their roof.

The NRMA has installed 42 EV fast chargers across regional NSW along most major highways including the Hume, Newell, Sturt and Oxley Highways, as well as the Mitchell, Pacific, Olympic and Great Western Highways. EV motorists will now be able to confidently tour the entirety of NSW and ACT.

Recently, the NRMA has partnered with Transport for New South Wales to help deliver at least 20 additional electric vehicle fast chargers in regional locations.

Smart Solar Home EV Charging Options

If you have an existing solar system the Zappi charger has special eco charging modes which will benefit homeowners with grid-tied solar generation. Charging current is automatically and continually adjusted in response to on-site generation and household power consumption to use only excess generation that would otherwise be sold cheaply to the grid. In FAST charge mode, Zappi also operates like an ordinary EV charging station.

If you do not have solar now, SolarEdge provide a premium quality solar EV charger and inverter system. It comes with a smart homeowners ap so you can schedule charging from the grid during off-peak hours or from purely solar energy. You can control household energy usage including PV, EV, and grid consumption from their smartphone and easily manage their EV charging via the mobile app.

Your Solar is Worth More in Your Car Than Your House

Electricity companies are making a fortune at our expense, and yet they pay us a pittance for the solar power we send back to the grid. By replacing petrol with solar power in an all electric Nissan Leaf, every kWH of your solar power will earn you 67 cents.

This means that you can pay for your as new Nissan Leaf and solar in as little as five years from the savings you will make from not buying grid-power or petrol.

What are You Waiting For?

We have reached a tipping point in the global EV revolution. It makes perfect sense economically and environmentally to switch to EV’s now.
888 Solar Tek has a continuous supply of near new, Japanese built Nissan Leafs at our Solar Powered office in Federal, so book a test drive today. We also supply off grid or on grid solar charging solutions so you never have to use fossil fuels again.

The electric engine of the Leaf has a incredible torque and Zero Emissions. Why pay a fortune for a gas guzzler when you can have free energy and the lowest running costs ever.

The Nissan Leaf is the leading electric car in Australia and we have a great supply of late model Nissan Leaf’s in great condition aesthetically and mechanically from $21,888.

We also Supply and Fit the latest EV charging Technology from SolarEdge and Myenergi.

Free Consultations for all your solar and EV needs. Call Vincent now on 02 6688 4480 to book a test drive today.


Vincent Selleck

Vincent Selleck

Vincent is the managing director at 888 Solar Tek. He brings a wealth of hands on experience and knowledge to help people understand solar power and make the best choices when looking at buying or upgrading solar systems. His honest advice considers the needs of others first and foremost and de-fuses the traps and pitfalls that are waiting for the inexperienced. Vincent is happy to answer questions anytime by phone on 02 6688 4480.