EVs Nissan Leaf in white and red

The EV Revolution Is Here! The Future Of EV’s

It is now possible to have zero net emissions from electricity and vehicle use, with tremendous savings for your household. Your Northern Rivers Solar and EV partner, 888 Solar Tek, offers affordable EV and solar charging solutions, with low km, near new Nissan Leaf’s at a fraction of the new price. Take

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Vincent Selleck charging his EV Nissan Leaf

What’s It Like Driving An EV In The Northern Rivers?

How do I feel about driving for free powered by sunshine? Do I always smile when I drive past petrol stations and see fuel over two buck a litre? Do I enjoy the quiet, constant power of my Nissan Leaf while cruising up the highway?Yes, yes and bloody well yes!I have been

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Solar Freedom - Claim Your Energy Independence Now

Solar Freedom

The world has changed. People are realising that nothing matters more than living a sustainable lifestyle free from the destructive influence of a coal and oil-based economy ruled by corporate greed. They are buying land in the country, planting fruit trees, growing veggies and powering their homes and cars with solar energy.

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lithium solar battery update 24v

Pylontech Lithium Battery Upgrade for 24V Off Grid Solar System

Disadvantage of lead acid batteries When lead acid batteries fail in small off grid solar systems it can be catastrophic. No power for water pumps, lights or refrigeration. Lead acid batteries can die suddenly, particularly in winter when the colder temperatures cause the chemical process to slow down. Lead acid batteries need

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solar powered vehicle nissan leaf northern rivers

Nissan Leaf – Solar Powered EV The Nissan Leaf is now the most affordable EV on the market. Vincent Selleck test drives the 2016 model with great insights on how you can make it pay for itself using free solar energy. It is now possible to have zero net emissions from electricity and vehicle use, with tremendous

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Ian Slorach using Off Grid Solar in Northern Rivers

Expert Tips to Go Off Grid Using Solar in Northern Rivers

New Technologies that will help you empower your life. If you are one of the many people considering off grid solar power as an alternative to coal burning grid electricity, this article will help you understand more about your options. There are lots of new technologies that revolutionise the way we design

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solar batteries byron northern rivers

Wondering About Solar Batteries?

Wouldn’t it be great to store all the excess power you don’t use during the day and use it to reduce your power costs at night, never worry about blackouts again? Do Solar Batteries Pay for Themselves? While you can export power to the grid and get paid up to 16¢ per

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