All You Need To Know About Electricity Prices, Solar And Batteries

I’m Vincent Selleck, CEO of 888 Solar Tek.

In this short article I will share my inside knowledge to help you manage massive electricity price rises with solar and batteries.

Vincent Selleck - Managing Director 888 Solar Tek
Here are the main things I will cover:
Thanks for your time and attention. Without beating around the bush:

Why are electricity prices rising by 56% next year?

rising electricity pricesThe Electricity market is broken. Large coal and gas interests have dominated energy policy for decades and lobbied Government to create certainty of profit, enshrined by network operation rules that favour large generators with retail interests.

Despite Australia having vast reserves of coal and gas, failure to regulate domestic pricing means that producers get to sell our coal and gas back to us at the inflated overseas market price. Only Western Australia has domestic reserve policies in place and their electricity is forecast to rise by 2% next year rather than the 56% forecast for the Eastern states.

The wholesale price of electricity rose 140% in the last year. Billions of dollars are flowing from users to producers, who are free to “game the market”, forcing up energy costs through manipulation of wholesale energy prices.

Governments are helpless to derail this money train, compromised by hundreds of millions of dollars in political donations over decades. Unfortunately, it looks like this is going to get much worse before it gets better. Electricity prices rose by 18% in July 2022. The Federal budget is factoring another 56% increase in energy prices to consumers in 2023!

Why solar panels alone are not enough to protect you?

Solar power is produced during daylight hours and, 2/3 of the time, you will be buying power from the grid. When we could sell power back to the grid for 21 cents per kWh, you could sell twice as much as you used and break even.
Feed in Tariffs (FIT) have crashed to 5-12 cents per kWh and, with export limits restricting households to a maximum of 5 kW at any time, you can no longer make enough money to cover your usage and the daily network supply charges. Adding solar batteries to any solar system is essential to zero your electricity bill. Due to outrageously high prices, batteries are now worthwhile, with payback periods for investment in solar and batteries averaging 5-7 years for most households.

Which solar batteries are more affordable and last longer?

The independent Australian Battery Test Centre in Canberra has conducted testing on most brands of solar batteries available. The results are astounding.

Of the 26 batteries tested, only two were fault-free and operated as it should have from the beginning to the end of testing. Some leading brands like Tesla, LG, Alpha ESS, BYD and Sonnen, all developed faults and failed the test.

Pylontech solar batteriesThe Winner of the test was the Plylontech US2000B

This battery retained 78% of it’s capacity after the equivalent of 7.8 years of testing and was on track to be at around 70% after 10 years. Pylontech batteries are still available in Australia and are the only brand 888 Solar Tek recommends and supplies.

No other brand, still available in Australia, didn’t suffer a major fault of some kind or excessive capacity loss.*

Advantages of the Pylontech:

  • Top rated battery available in Australia in Canberra Battery Test Centre Report #11 describing its third round of battery testing and the results.
  • Add more batteries at any time. All new Pylontech models are backward compatible with previous versions.
  • Fully compatible with off grid solar upgrades – never have to replace batteries to become totally independent.
  • The expected design life is 15+ years
  • Warranty of 10 years (>6000 cycles with 60% end-of-life capacity)
  • Greater depth of discharge (DOD 90%)
  • Available in 2 models with usable capacity of 3.2kWh and 4.32kWh @ 48VDC

So, if you are investing in a long-term solar battery solution, insist on buying a Pylontach LV 48V battery. They also have one of the lowest prices per kWh of storage at $687 per kWh. (average $1186).

How long will it take for electricity savings to pay for solar and batteries?

Solar and batteries will provide the best return on investment for larger households who use power predominantly after daylight hours.

If you have existing solar and most of the power is being sold to the grid at a low price, and you are still receiving a large bill, then you can be certain that solar batteries will be a good investment for you.

Time is on your side. Once you have paid for the batteries, every kWh of free solar energy stored will never be subject to a price rise. Consider you are buying your electricity for the next ten years in advance at a fraction of the market price. The more electricity prices escalate, the better your invest return.

When I use a calculator for my clients which simulates projected rises in electricity prices and models their electricity usage, I am finding most of the results are showing a payback period of 4-7 years for solar and batteries.

Where can you get free expert advice and an onsite consultation?

If you live in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, I can offer you a free on-site consultation to help you find the best solar and battery solution for your household. I can integrate all your existing solar into a new design, making sure that your previous investment continues to provide benefits.

I can model your existing power bill usage and solar export and work out the sweet spot for investing in solar and batteries to provide you the best ROI for your household. Some of my customers also make the leap and go completely off grid and never receive a power bill again!

Please take advantage of our 2022 special solar and battery prices. We have stock in our warehouse and can install before Christmas. Call me, Vincent Selleck, on 02 6688 4480 to make an appointment or just ask those silly questions. I always like to talk to people and help them save money with solar.

About 888 Solar Tek

888 Solar Tek has been selling, installing and servicing solar and solar battery systems for over 8 years in the Northern Rivers with over 700 battery installations in that time. We specialise in off grid solar systems and have solutions for hot water, Nissan Leaf EV’s for sale and excellent after sales service and warranty support.

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The Goodwe 5048ES Inverter/Charger

The Goodwe Inverter/Charger operates in either hybrid or off-grid systems. It not only provides seamless integration of battery management and solar production, but is easy to setup, monitor and program. Here are some of its advanced features:

Goodwe 5048ES Inverter/Charger
  • 5 kW inverter output from solar or batteries.
  • Peak output of 6.9 kW in off grid mode.
  • Up to 6 kW of solar panels can be connected.
  • Fully programmable from phone through wifi.
  • compatible with Lithium and gel-acid batteries.
  • Multiple units can act in parallel to increase capacity.
  • 5 year warranty with optional 5 year extension.
  • Android or Apple compatible software monitoring.
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