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NSW Solar Battery Rebate: Save Big with 888 Solar Tek!

The NSW Government has introduced a new solar battery rebate rolling out later this year. With 888 Solar Tek, you can get your rebate upfront on any solar battery system installed now—no waiting required!

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Double Your Savings

You can also qualify for the federal solar panel rebate, saving you thousands on any new solar and battery system installed this year. Already have solar? You can still get both rebates by adding more panels and a battery.

How It Works

  1. Free Consultation: We analyse your energy usage and design a custom solar and battery solution for your home.
  2. Rebate Calculation: We calculate the solar rebates and provide a discounted price for your solar battery installation

Why Batteries are Essential

  • Energy Storage: Store solar energy to use day and night, reducing your energy usage to almost zero.
  • Avoid Grid Fees: New pricing measures and fees for sending solar to the grid make batteries a smart investment.
  • Rising Electricity Costs: Solar panels alone no longer reduce your bills significantly without a battery.
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Ready to Save?

Call or email 888 Solar Tek today to find out how you can eliminate high electricity costs and qualify for up to $8,265 in rebates for a new solar and battery system.

Special Offer

Get the full value of the solar battery rebate deducted from your purchase price for systems bought after June 1, 2024. Don’t miss out—start saving now!

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Why Add a Battery?

100% Self Powered

More Power, More Savings. Adding a battery will beat back raising electricity costs powering your home day and night.

Black Out Protection

Add black out protection to your home and guard your family against the failing energy network. Hybrid inverters come with a built in Emergency Power Supply (EPS) circuit enabling you to power on when others are in the dark.

Future Proof

Lets face it the future of energy is in renewables and battery storage. If you have the money adding a battery will keep you at the front of the pack.

Electric Car Support

Electric cars are about to hit the streets in a big way. Major car manufactures have announced the launch of their affordable electric car range with high consumer anticipation. The Problem is electricity is still expensive. Having a battery to charge your car using surplus solar makes the prospect a whole lot sweeter.

Quality Design

Experienced Team

With more than 35 years of experience servicing Byron Bay and surrounding areas, the team at 888 Solar Tek have helped an array of clients, providing customised solar solutions.
Our team carefully assess your needs and will come up with options to suit.
Our in-house designer ensures each solar system design will meet your needs and deliver the results you desire.
The products and equipment used by our team are from leading brands. At our warehouse and office facility, we are able to maintain a national supply of products at wholesale prices.

Contact us today for a free on-site consultation or to find out more!

escape with a Battery

Energy Retailers are facing a massive problem; as they increase electricity prices more and more homes are forced to install solar to escape the rising living costs. The less homes drawing power from the grid creates less profit to the energy retailers prompting an increase in prices and around it goes.

Australians are voting with their feet as the first government battery subsidies are snatched up in just hours of release.  Escape the looming energy catastrophe and make the smart move to battery backup.

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