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Everything you need to know to make money with solar so you can do what you love!!.

Solar Systems Northern Rivers


The Northern Rivers region is leading the way in solar uptake with over 30,000 homes having already made the smart move to a solar system. It’s the single most effective way to increase your income with up to a 35% return on your investment.
Get paid while doing what you love.

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Solar Services Northern Rivers

Off Grid

Want to escape from it all? Go off grid and power your whole home from solar and batteries. Never pay an electricity bill again. ​

Grid Connect

Want to Zero your Bill? Then a Grid Connect system is the right choice for you. Keep it Simple with versatile panels, Inverter and Feed in Tariffs.


Got a big house and family? Battery storage mat be the right solution for you. Store your solar energy during the day and use it at night.


Looking for a green solution to your bottom line? Take your business to the next level and generate your own power.

We've Got You Covered.

1. Fast Turn Arounds
3 Weeks to Install*

On average we’ll have your grid connect solar system approved by essential energy and installed within 3 to 4 weeks.

2. Officially Licensed
CEC Accredited

Officially Clean Energy Council Accredited ensuring every job is done by the book and meets the industry standards. No Cow Boys Here

3. Peace of Mind
10 Year Whole of system warranty*

We provide all our grid connect solar systems with a 10 year whole of system warranty ensuring you have peace in your investment.

4. Know and Care
Local for 35 Years

With over 35 years of local experience we know what people in the Northern Rivers want. Honest truth with real delivery and service. No gimmicks or Smoke and mirrors.

5. Experienced
Deep Skill Set

We don’t just do Grid Connects, we excel in all aspects of solar services with a deep skill set and experience covering HybridOff Grid and Commercial products and installations

6. good Design
In-House Designer

Every Solar system is carefully crafted by our in-house designer ensuring they are technically sound, looks great and navigate any shade or roof top fixtures. All our solar systems are well thought out for smooth installation and maximum solar production.

7. Size and Support
Independent Office and Warehouse

We are not just some guy operating out of a house. We own and operate our own warehouse and office enabling access to a national supply of products sourced from top wholesalers at the best prices.

8. Knowledge
Industry Best Products

We only stock products that have been thoroughly tested throughout the industry and carry a high review. We bank our business on the solid nature of the products we stock ensuring you get a solar system that lasts.

9. Service & Support
Free Technical Support

Solar has become more like an I.T. product than a mechanical device. Everything is online with Wi-fi connection and apps to monitor your solar production. We Offer free phone support for the life of your system to help you understand and use your products to get the most out of your investment.

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