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888 Solar Tek provides quality solar systems to homes and businesses throughout Ballina and surrounding areas.

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888 Solar Tek's Solar Services Include:

Grid Connect

Effective Solar

With quality solar panels on your roof, backed with a warranty and free technical support service, now is the time to capture your free power and enjoy zero bills!


The Smart Move

Add a battery to help beat raising electricity costs to power your home day and night. Enjoy more power, more savings, black out protection and even electric car support.

Off Grid


Go off grid and effectively and power your home with solar and batteries. We have a refined design and installation technique that will help bring you savings!


Increase Profits

Solar is the future and we can help with quality design and efficiency. Install a commercial solar solution to generate your own power, increase profits and make a difference!

Local Solar Experts

Quality Service

If you are looking to save some cash or completely slash your electricity bill, we can assess your needs and provide a customised solution.
We’re here to help your to help your Ballina home or business get in the green!

At 888 Solar Tek we are Clean Energy Council Accredited and have more than 35 years of local experience.

We go above and beyond to ensure your installations are of the highest quality.
As well as a 10-year warranty, we also provide a free technical support service.

Ready to get connected? Start capturing free power, thanks to solar energy!
Contact our helpful team today!

Local Professionals

Experienced Team

At 888 Solar Tek you’ll find a team of prompt and professional experts who are dedicated to ensuring your solar installation delivers value for you to enjoy for many years to come.

We have worked on a variety of residential and commercial solar installation projects throughout Ballina, using top quality products from reputable brands.
We take pride in our work and ensure every job is of a high standard.

We also offer a free technical support service, so even after installation, you can contact us with any queries you may have to ensure your solar system is providing optimum results!

Quality Design

Experienced Team

888 Solar Tek has serviced residential and commercial clients in the Ballina area for more than 35 years.
Our team go above and beyond to assess, design, and install customised solar solutions.
By having panels installed on your roof, you have options. For example, if electricity prices continue to rise you can add more panels and sell more to the grid or purchase a battery and cover your night time energy needs.
It all starts with panels and an inverter; you can’t go wrong.
We stock a supply of quality products from leading suppliers at our local warehouse and office facility.
Contact us today. Free on-site consultations available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar installations are good for the environment and can help save you a lot of money. There are Government rebates and other options that may help you earn money directly from your solar installation.

Compare quotes and check what is and isn’t included. For example, will you receive free technical support if required?
Check when the business was established, any reviews or testimonials and whether the service provider is Clean Energy Council Accredited.

Your solar installer will usually go through everything with you after installation. For specific troubleshooting, you may be able to contact your solar installer for technical support.

Off grid solar is a battery system that allows you to be self-sufficient, without having to receive electricity bills.
A grid connect system features versatile panels, inverter and feed in tariffs, so you can zero your bill.

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